Prepaid Water Meters

 Wall Mount complete unit: includes – housing, water meter (Kent) and WMD (the prepaid water measuring device) + wireless UIU.


This unit is installed wherever the unit’s incoming water supply is located. A section of the existing pipe is removed and the complete unit is installed in its place.

The unit is sold complete with a wall mounted enclosure and a wireless UIU (keypad).

Above Ground Box includes – Ground mounted housing, water meter (Kent) and WMD (the prepaid water measuring device) + wireless UIU.

above_ground_water_prepaid_meter_1The meters are capable of being programmed to release restricted amounts of water per day (as well as topping up with water credit tokens from EasyPay). You can choose to use the programmable features in the meter, or control strictly as a prepaid meter i.e. they have water flowing until their credit runs out and they must again top-up with a token. Should you wish to re-programme meters in the field you would need to purchase a special laptop with the required programming software. If you wish to use as a standard prepaid meters this terminal is not required.

These are the same meters that have been installed at the municipalities for many years, however the prepaid component is a new feature that has recently been added.

This makes it ideal for the sub-meter market (to partner our electricity meter). Vending takes place on the same ePrepaid backend and you can now attach both a water meter and electricity meter to a UNIT.

Both configurations will operate on any of ePrepaid’s existing vending platforms.

The unit can be installed by any qualified plumber.