Prepaid Electricity Meter FAQs

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When you haven’t used a prepaid meter before you may feel a bit confused and overwhelmed.

So we have put together the answers to some common questions in a simple easy to understand format.

If you require further assistance please contact ePrepaid today for more information.

No, we cannot replace a Council or Eskom meter – please contact your electricity service provider to request this.

If you want your electricity bill to fall away and you are the only user on the property, then you must contact your local council directly.

Please make sure you return the application form, recent electricity bill/prepaid purchase slip and forwarded the tenant instruction as provided by us.

Just explain to your new tenants how to use the system and they will get on with it.

If you have tenants and are now installing a prepaid meter, then you should supply the tenant with the meter number (you can get that from us) explain how to use the system and then ask the tenants to buy credit.

This will mean that when the meter is installed, they can immediately request a credit token and start using electricity on the prepaid system.

Yes. We is available Monday – Friday between 09H00 – 17H00. New customer will receive full instruction when their Prepaid Meters are installed.

When buying electricity it is automatic (not human-operated) hence you can operate the meters 24/7/365 without any support.

If the electricity costs from the municipality to the consumers are increased, then the new rate is updated in the system where all meters are registered.

Since the amount of Kilowatts that an amount of money can purchase is calculated on the system and not in the meter, and assuming electricity prices went up, it means that a sum of money will actually purchase fewer Kilowatts.

When there is a power failure in the area that affects the dwelling in which the meter is installed, the meter will continue to operate on battery. However, since no power is feeding into the meter, the property will also not have electricity.

An area power outage will also not cause the meter to lose any account credit, as such information is stored in the utility management system located in the host center.

You will not lose the data on the meter or units on the meter, the meter does not reset.

Only the Tamper State Detection Meters are. The meter housing is fitted with seals on the inside.

Should these seals be broken, the device will report tampering and will cease to function.

Should you have concerns as to your tenants tampering with your meter we do suggest getting Tamper State Detection Meters.

No, the meter will not affect any electrical sub-systems in the property, including the Geyser. The unit does not interfere with the power going into the electrical circuits of the property.

The voltage and amperage that feeds into the meter are at the exact same levels when the feed out of the meter. The meter only governs the consumption of electricity in accordance with the set prepaid limit or credit available.

When these are exceeded, the unit just breaks the circuit until such time as the electricity consumed is paid for.

The worst that can happen is that there will be no hot water in the event that the meter stops feeding electricity to the electric circuits.

The meter is wall mounted, usually close to the main distribution board inside the dwelling. The meter is connected in series in the main electricity circuit before the main circuit breaker, located on the distribution board.

If you do not have a separate Db board for the premises concerned you should contact your electrician to have one fitted.

There are numerous places they can purchase electricity from and new places coming online continuously.

Here are some outlets where they can purchase electricity from:

  • Pick n Pay Stores
  • Woolworth’s Stores
  • Checkers Hyper
  • SPAR Stores (UNIPIN)
  • FNB Cellphone/Internet Banking
  • Powertime application via Blackberry
  • ABSA cellphone/Internet Banking
  • Best electric
  • Score Stores
  • UNIPIN – BP Express, Sasol Delight, Engen Garages

On-Line Purchasing of Electricity:

Should any on-line site ask for your Municipality or Private Metering Company when registering on its site please select “Prepaid World.”

Your Prepaid Meter comes with a User Guide that explains the keypad and LCD icons. This gives one a good overview of the workings of the meter.

The pre-paid electricity system that is installed at your premises allows you to purchase credit tokens from any Easy-Pay enabled outlets and Unipin outlets (EasyPay outlets display the EasyPay logo outside if they are a valid EasyPay outlet), also the UNIPIN outlets (such as SPAR) will display their signage in the same manner.

When needing to purchase electricity from an EasyPay outlet just request prepaid electricity, the teller may enter it as Eskom Electricity and this should be fine as this is an option the teller has on their point of sale machine. Then provide the 11 digit meter number 04xxxxxxxx and the amount you want to spend? You will receive a receipt with a unique 20 digit token.

If you go to a UNIPIN outlet ask for a UNPIN voucher and you will be given a voucher with a number that you have to SMS to in order to receive your 20 digit token on your cell phone.  With a UNIPIN voucher the cashier may ask if it’s for Eskom or municipal, it does not work if you try those two options so just ask for the voucher to the value you require (not choosing Eskom or municipal).

When buying it through these channels you will receive a 20 digit token; enter this 20 digit token into the keypad to load the electricity. It’s that simple.

Once your tenant has bought electricity through a retail outlet or web site the funds are assigned to the owner of the meter and by the 7th of the next month the funds are transferred to you together with a statement for that previous month’s purchases.

You give us instruction as per the Application Form as to what bank account you would like us to transfer the funds to. If you would like us to transfer the funds directly into your municipal account we can do that for you too.

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