Prepaid Meters for Estate Agents

Estate agents who manage properties for their clients often find themselves in a frustrated position when the tenant stops paying either the rent or utilities. The landlord then starts pushing on the Management agent to get the money in and the Tenant starts ducking and diving or getting plain nasty about some aspect of their character, professionalism or disagreement with something that makes him/her feel that they have the right to withhold monies from the landlord and the agent (in contravention of their Lease Agreement).

An Agent has limited legal power to handle this head on and his/her only recourse is to start with Letters of Demand and Blacklisting procedures, which have their limited power of threat and then make it harder for the tenant to find a new place as they end up with a bad credit record and so refuse to move out. The situation then often spirals out of control either with the Landlord breaking the law himself in order to get the tenant out or seeks Legal counsel at great expense and loss of income during that period of eviction.

The end result is a very hostile tenant who blames the Management Agent and Landlord; and often a disgruntled Landlord who feels he has been abandoned by the Agent and now faces having to deal with this tenant himself. Either way the Estate Agents become more and more reluctant to take on management properties and his/her monthly management fees start taking a beating.    

With Prepaid meters from ePrepaid the Management Agent takes back control of the situation and tames that recalcitrant Tenant with the ability to recover arrear rentals, utilities, levies or any amount owed the Landlord by the Tenant. Just drop us an email and we will program that Tenant’s meter to assign, whatever percentage you instruct us to, that meter to set aside money on every purchase of electricity by the Tenant to these arrears.

100% Legal that even some municipalities are using this type of system to recover their unpaid  Rates and Taxes through!

Why let your Landlords have municipal meters in their properties when it allows the Tenant to stay in his/her property rent free while paying the municipality their prepaid electricity and their property High Jacked!

No more feeling uncomfortable when placed in the above uncomfortable situation and feeing you can’t help your client. Our meters cut down drastically the chances of your Landlord having to pay large legal fees because of eviction procedures on un-paying Tenants.  

Our motto here for Management Agents is CONTROL EQUALS INCOME!

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