Busy Times for Prepaid Meter Sales


The last two days have been busy days at ePrepaid for meter sales.

The phone hasn’t stopped ringing since yesterday morning with enquiries into Prepaid Meters and lots of website quote requests.

Two new properties inspected with multiple cottages, flats and houses today. A total of about 15 new prepaid electricity clients coming on board so far this week.

Our one new client is losing money hand over fist due to no privately controlled Prepaid Meters on his property. He has one municipal prepaid meter supplying prepaid electricity to the main house and three separate cottages. The Landlord has included electricity into the rental so the tenant in the main house charges each tenant an arbitrary amount each month and deducts his electricity from the monthly rental while controlling the prepaid electricity meter.

Once we have installed our prepaid meter solution our new landlord will no longer experience a shortfall in his rental and electricity recovery.

Landlords jump on board its becoming the thing to do to secure your property investment!

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